What are Featured Ads?

Beat out the competition with listings that stand out from the crowd!

Advertising Apartments For Rent
Stand out from the crowd Don’t be a sheep! Beat out the competition with listings that stand out at the top of Prop2Go’s search results page.. Increase local leads for only $24.95+tax a month per listing!

What is a “Featured Listing”? “Featured Listings” are listings that are upgraded to appear at the top of a search results page for a low monthly rate of only $24.95+tax per month (packages exist for property managment companies that have many units). "Featured Listings” are located on the first search results page and always at the TOP! The prominent position of these listings will get your property rented and/or sold fast!

What if I am a Property Management company or I want to advertise more than 5 listings at a time? Prop2Go offers packages to those that own many properties. Take advantage of our great service and pricing features by reading below or contacting us for more information.

Sounds great! What’s included?
  • -Featured Listings remain at the top for 30 days!
  • -LOW monthly rates
  • -Users can choose only “Featured Listings” to show in their search results.
  • -Featured Listings will be promoted on Prop2Go’s social media platforms such as Facebook and Google+, using our newest “ShoutOut” feature. Prop2Go’s “ShoutOut” feature will give additional exposure of YOUR property to thousands of possible tenants and/or buyers.
  • To learn more about Prop2Go’s “ShoutOut” feature, please contact us.

“Featured Listing” Pricing Structure
“Featured” Listings/month Price/month
3 - 5 $49.99
6 - 10 $99.99
11 - 40 $199.99
41+ $499.99

I already have a website that display’s my property. That’s great! Prop2Go can stream a feed from your website to ours. The more places your properties are seen, the more exposure the listing receives and gets rented/sold faster! Contact Dino at dino@prop2go.com for more information about providing a feed.
*complimentary service with the purchase of a “Featured Listing” package otherwise available for a fee of $49.99 per month.

*Note: If more than 4 Featured Ads are purchased in a single category, listings will be be randomly rotated with a maximum of 4 “Featured Listings” shown at a single time.

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